ATLC Regional Weekend Program

ATLC Regional Weekend Program


ATLC Regional Weekend Program is an awareness program designed to educate middle school students about drug issues, to develop and strengthen coping skills such as decision-making and goal setting, and to teach positive leadership skills.

ATLC Weekend Program Promo from Thomas LaJoie on Vimeo.

                                  2017 ATLC Regional Weekend Program Schedule

  • Saturday, October 14thheld in Hodgdon (Houlton, Hodgdon, Southern Aroostook, and Katahdin area  5th -8th grade students CENTRAL Team) 
  • Saturday, October 28th  Madawaska (Fort Kent, Wallagrass, St. Francis,  Madawaska, Frenchville, St. Agatha,  and Van Buren area 5th -8th grade students NORTHERN  Team) 
  • Saturday November 4th  Fort Fairfield – (Presque Isle, Central Aroostook, Fort Fairfield, Easton, Ashland, Mapleton and Washburn area 5th -8th grade students – Central Team) 
  • Saturday December 2nd ( Snow date 16th) Caribou (Limestone, Caribou, New Sweden, Woodland, and Caswell area 5th -8th grade students NORTHERN  Team)



The Regional Weekend Team is represented by  teens who have attended one of our summer camp programs (almost all members went to this past summer’s camp). Pairs of Team members present workshops on Leadership, Values, Belonging and Decision-Making.

ATLC  Regional Weekend is a one-day prevention and awareness program for  ANY Aroostook County youth in grades five, six, seven, and eight.

Based on the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp summer program, ATLC Regional Weekends provides information to students about drug and other adolescent issues while helping them become active and effective leaders.

The program takes place in schools on a selected Saturday. In achieving the goals of the program, students take part in workshops, team building activities, and prevention planning activities.

All students in grades 5-8 in  Aroostook County are eligible for an ATLC Regional Weekend experience. A minimum of twelve students and a maximum of forty are required to hold the program. ATLC Weekends are FREE!

School responsibilities include publicizing the program and registering interested students, providing space for Weekend activities and having at least one staff member participate. This person should commit to working with the ATLC Weekend students throughout the year.


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