How to Stay Involved After Camp

How to Stay Involved After Camp


After camp is over, students are able to stay involved with ATLC as long as they can for as long as they want to. Below are some ways teens can remain involved.


Advisory Board: There are ten (10) permanent student positions on the Advisory Board. Students are recommended for these positions by other members of the Advisory Board as openings occur. A student in one of these positons may serve on the Advisory Board until graduation from high school, although exceptions may be made. Additionally, there are two (2) “Pro-Tem” student positions open which are filled each year (for one year only), and two adults on the Board.


The Advisory Board meets monthly to evaluate present programming, recommend future direction, and to develop program guidelines. This is the group that “oversees” everything that is going on. If you are interested in being considered for the Advisory Board, you need to submit a letter stating so by July 31st. If you are interested in one of the “Pro-Tem” positions this year, let a present member of the Advisory Board know right after summer camp.


Finance Committee: There can be up to fifteen (15) students on this committee, which meets with an Adult Staff Advisor. Responsibilities include developing the budget and fund-raising for the fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). This committee meets monthly throughout the year, including summer months. If interested, you need to e-mail Amber Stedt at or Abby Pooler at by August 1st, 2019.


Program Committee: This committee meets monthly, beginning in August, to plan the program of next summer’s camp. This includes teambuilding activities, workshops, evening activities, and speakers. They also  designs  the T-shirt for summer camp and free-time activities. There are usually 10-15 students on this committee, and two (2) co-chairpersons. Send an e-mail of interest by August 1st, 2019.


Reunion Committee: This committee meets every other month throughout the year, alternating with Public Relations. They are responsible for planning 2 yearly Reunions. They plan the days events! If you would like to be on this committee, please sign up by August. 


Public Relations Committee: This committee does a number of things to promote ATLC during the year. They are responsible for designing the Camp brochure, doing releases for newspaper/radio/TV, and making posters for ATLC registration in schools. They also prepare and send out the Monthly Newsletter and create commercials to advertise ATLC. E-mails of interest need to be sent by August 4th. The committee also meets every other month beginning in August.


Student Staff: Each Family Group at camp has one “Student Staff” person in it. The role of the person is to help new students feel safe and comfortable while at ATLC. Students must apply at the end of December, and there is a reminder in the December Newsletter telling interested students to do so. Applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee, made up of staff, appointed by the Advisory Board. Recommendations for Student Staff are made before April 15th  for the eight available positions. Student Staff do not have to pay any registration fee to attend ATLC.


Workshop Presenter: A student may also apply to be a workshop presenter at a summer camp. Applications should be sent, by November 30th, with the description of the workshop. The Program Committee reviews applications and contacts students recommended to do a workshop. Although student presenters are not paid, they do receive an ATLC shirt. Students may work together in planning and presenting a workshop. There are a couple training days in June  for student presenters, and assistance in planning and preparing your workshop is also available from ATLC staff.


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