Parent Reviews of ATLC 2017

Parent Reviews of ATLC 2017


  • Hasn’t stopped talking about it. For someone who didn’t want to go the month before until she walked in. Thank you! She can’t wait to be a part of ATLC in the future!

  • She’s looking forward to participating throughout the year.

  • She would do it all over again.

  • “I have a better outlook on life”. He’s more positive with the glass being half full.

  • He has not stopped talking about it and his new friends

  • Very good communication! Questions were answered in a timely manner. Numbers, addresses, and email addresses were always included in all communications and readily available.

  • She couldn’t say enough good things about camp…in her words “It was AMAZING”

  • He still talks about it, is in touch with all the friends he made and can’t wait for upcoming activities! He loved it!

  • She had a wonderful time. She learned a lot of great things that have helped her with everyday life choices.

  • I’m positive she would have stayed for 3 weeks if she could have.

  • He had a blast!

  • After hearing about all the activities and especially meal, it was all well worth the fee.

  • Glad you do the 4 installments

  • The Program was full. No time to be bored, Amazing!

  • All children who have a chance should participate.

  • Would recommend it to all kids that are next in line.

  • ATLC is a great way to engage middle schoolers to take responsibility for their actions. It shows them that they are needed in the community. Yes, they are the difference, they are needed and wanted. It is a very positive experience and it shows the teens they have qualities we need in our community and among our friends!

  • Very excited that my son got to make new friends. Also glad he got to experience dorm life!

  • Such an incredible program! I was really impressed that the whole program was planned by the previous campers!

  • It is amazing! They create friendships and learn valuable lessons that give them the tools they need to get through the tough teenage years. We’re very fortunate that our kids have this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who helps make this happen!

  • She loved it, especially meeting new people

  • Excellent! I encourage others to send their children!

  • So glad there is a place like this. We need more of these.

  • It was amazing to see my daughter so excited!

  • Very organized and structured, very well balanced for learning and having fun.

  • My daughter’s stories and enthusiasm when she talked about it to others says it all. I tell everyone what a fantastic experience she had and how many new friends she met.

  • We encouraged her to attend after she was involved in a peer pressure situation involving drugs. Her choices caused severe consequences. We felt ATLC would give her the skills to avoid a similar situation.

  • Positive, well worth the time and Money! High Energy, Positive Messages, Teen Driven.

  • Great experience for kids and very good self esteem builder

  • Wanted a new experience and meet new people and she got that and so much more from camp






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