Events, Deadlines, and Cancellations

Events, Deadlines, and Cancellations


-Saturday, March 2 – Student Staff Interviews (Group 1) (Snow Date: March 3) 12:30-5:00pm, One Vaughn Place –Caribou

-Monday, March 4- Gwen Turner Scholarship Application becomes available to all ATLC involved juniors in high school.

-Tuesday, March 5–Advisory Board Meeting, 5:30-7:30, Caribou (One Vaughn Place)

-Saturday, March 9 – Student Staff Interviews (Group 2) (Snow Date: March 10) 1-4:30pm, One Vaughn Place –Caribou)

-Wednesday, March 13thATLC: Operation Leadership (Northern Team), 3-5pm, Fort Kent Valley Rivers Middle School (Snow date of March 20), Deadline to register is March 5th before noon.

-Thursday, March 14thATLC: Operation Leadership (Southern Team), 2-4pm, at the Houlton Rec. Department (Snow date of March 28- 3-5pm), Deadline to register is March 6th before noon.

               –Deadline to contact us to help at the Masonic Supper on March 22nd in Washburn.


-Tuesday, March 19thATLC: Operation Leadership (Central Team), 3-5pm, at the Caribou Wellness and Rec. Center (Snow date of March 26),Deadline to register is March 12th before noon.


-Friday, March 22nd Masonic Potluck Supper 6:15-8:00pm, Washburn (Masonic Lodge on Berce St.)


-Sunday, March 31stCamp Administrative Team Meeting- 1-3pm, Caribou (One Vaughn)




The Operation Leadership After School Programs scheduled in Fort Kent and Houlton have been cancelled due to low registration.










Always – and we do mean ALWAYS – check here before leaving for any ATLC meeting or activity to make sure it’s still being held, especially during winter months. If we need to postpone or cancel something because of weather, travel conditions, or some other reason, a notice will be posted right here by 9am  the morning of the meeting or activity.



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