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What is ATLC?

What is ATLC?

 the technical aspect of ATLC…

The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program is a leadership development and drug prevention program focusing on Aroostook County students in grades 5-9. There are two program components: a five-day residential summer camp in late July, and a variety of follow-up programs and activities that are offered during the school year. The summer camp program provides leadership skills, drug awareness information, team-building, and coping skills development. The follow-up activities during the school year provide teens with the opportunity to continue developing and strengthening leadership skills while participating in a network of Aroostook County teens interested in living drug-free. Teens are encouraged to stay involved in the program for as long as they can/ want long after they have attended as campers. This program is open to ANY teen!

Mission: The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program develops teen drug prevention leaders having the necessary knowledge, skills, training, and support to effectively work with other teens during a residential summer camp program and in follow-up activities during the school year.

Vision: Aroostook County will be ranked as the lowest county in Maine for substance use among students in grades 5-9, as measured by Maine’s Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS).

Core Beliefs: We believe that teens are effective substance abuse prevention leaders when given the necessary knowledge, tools, training, and support. We also believe teens listen and talk more to other teens than to adults.

Program Goals:

to prevent or delay early use of alcohol and other illegal drugs by Aroostook County teens;

to increase favorable teen attitudes about not using alcohol and other illegal drugs;

to develop teen drug prevention leaders; and

to provide a teen support network for a drug-free lifestyle.



ATLC 2020 summer program is tentatively scheduled  at the University of Maine at Fort Kent from July 26-30, 2020.  Registrations for summer camp will be available in February 2020.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to our following special friends with a birthday in August:

August 4th– Genevieve Naranja

August 9th– Chandler Hetherington

August 10th– Molly Grant

August 11th– Hope Royal

August 14th – Storm Eirman

August 17th – Haley Dumond

August 28th– Dominic Caron

August 29th– Alex Hale

ATLC Instagram and Facebook PagePlease like our ATLC Facebook page and follow us on Instagram ( _atlc_)!! This will help you to stay on top of what’s going on in with ATLC. Tell your friends and family to like it too! Our prior Facebook account is now inactive. Help to spread the word and stay connected with us!

Information for Teens (and parents) currently in our program…


Planning Committees:

If you didn’t sign up to be on a Planning Committee(s) at camp but now want to be on one or some, you need to e-mail Amber by Friday, August 9. Whichever committee you’ve signed up for, you are on.  Amber will send out an email before your first meeting with some final info (Please be checking your emails).

Planning Committees meet on Sunday afternoons in Caribou every other month for 1 1/2 hours, except Program and Finance Committees which meet monthly until tasks are completed for the year. Most Planning Committees meet 3-4 times during the school year.


ATLC Operation Leadership Team:

We have 21 names of people who signed up/ are interested in leading this afterschool program in their area.

Programs will be presented in the spring. More information will come at the end of this year with a training tentatively planned for the beginning of 2020 for all those chosen out of the 21 to lead the program. Stay tuned for more information!

If you are interested in leading this program for peers in your area but did not sign up at camp, please contact us before August 23 so we can add you to the list of names to be discussed. 



We are so excited to welcome aboard our very own Abby Pooler as a Prevention Specialist for our program. Abby has been involved in the program since she was in middle school, represented a variety of levels of staff over the years and recently has served as a Co-Director for the past 3 years. She will be working in the Caribou office with Amber part time in efforts to grow the program with new ideas on how to reach more students in the County. She will also be solely in charge while Amber is out on maternity leave this coming fall. Congratulations on your new role, Abby!!! We are so proud of you!



We will be holding a Camp Reunion for all campers and staff who attended ATLC 2019. As of now, the Reunion will be at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. The date is Saturday, November 23th (with a snow date of November 30th). Be sure to mark and save the date! We will also have another reunion in the spring of 2020!


Your parents should be receiving a “Parent Evaluation” very shortly (if they haven’t all ready). Please encourage your parents to complete and return this Evaluation ASAP because it will provide us with helpful feedback on what they think about different areas of ATLC.– Thanks!

Thursdays on Sweden Street

ATLC is a food vendor at this awesome event! We have 2 events left this month. ATLC can always use our teen’s help to raise money for the program! At Sweden St., we sell Poutines (hand-cut fries with gravy and cheese), chili cheese fries, and fried pickles. Come experience the vendors, Music, and great atmosphere that the Sweden Street events hold. Any time you can donate to help, would be greatly appreciated!! Hope to see you on Sweden Street!!! Contact us if you are willing to help so we can provide you with details!

Fundraising and FALL CA$H CALENDAR

ATLC is funded solely on Business Partnerships, Service Organization Support, Grants, Fundraisers, Donations and Corporate Sponsors. It is so important for us to help in any way we can to keep the program going for years to come. With that said, we decided to offer to any teen participant: for every ATLC event, fundraiser participated in, committee meeting attended, etc., we are entering all participants into a drawing at the end of the school year to win big prizes at our Spring Reunion as a “Thank You” for staying involved and contributing to the program in some way.

We are now selling tickets for our annual Fall Ca$h Calendar this year. Each ticket is $10. Winners will be chosen for the month of October. If someone wins, they get thrown in for a chance to win again!

Tickets are being sent out to Advisory Board members, the Finance Committee, and Staff from our summer camp program to be sold around the County. We will also have plenty of tickets left over for any teen wanting to sell some who may not be a part of those groups. For every ticket you sell, your name gets entered into the drawing once. Ticket money, stubs, and any leftover tickets are due back on Sept. 8th.

For those of you interested in purchasing a ticket(s), contact us so we can make the proper connections to get them to you!

Thank you in advance, to everyone for your support!!!


Contact information:

Amber Stedt, ATLC Program Coordinator

Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp

Phone: 207-498-6431 ext. 156

Fax: 207-492-3181


Mailing Address:   ATLC
PO Box 1018

Caribou, ME 04736