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What is ATLC?

What is ATLC?

Here’s the technical aspect of ATLC…

The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program is a leadership development and drug prevention program focusing on Aroostook County students in grades 5-9. There are two program components: a five-day residential summer camp in late July, and a variety of follow-up programs and activities that are offered during the school year. The summer camp program provides leadership skills, drug awareness information, team-building, and coping skills development. The follow-up activities during the school year provide teens with the opportunity to continue developing and strengthening leadership skills while participating in a network of Aroostook County teens interested in living drug-free. Teens are encouraged to stay involved in the program for as long as they can/ want long after they have attended as campers. This program is open to ANY teen!

Mission: The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program develops teen drug prevention leaders having the necessary knowledge, skills, training, and support to effectively work with other teens during a residential summer camp program and in follow-up activities during the school year.

Vision: Aroostook County will be ranked as the lowest county in Maine for substance use among students in grades 5-9, as measured by Maine’s Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS).

Core Beliefs: We believe that teens are effective substance abuse prevention leaders when given the necessary knowledge, tools, training, and support. We also believe teens listen and talk more to other teens than to adults.

Program Goals:

to prevent or delay early use of alcohol and other illegal drugs by Aroostook County teens;

to increase favorable teen attitudes about not using alcohol and other illegal drugs;

to develop teen drug prevention leaders; and

to provide a teen support network for a drug-free lifestyle.


ATLC’s 2017 summer program will be taking place at Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle from July 23-27, 2017.  The Registration period is now closed.  

Bean Supper in the Valley

On Saturday, May 6th ATLC will be hosting a Bean supper at the St. Thomas Catholic Church in Madawaska (337 St Thomas Street). Beans, hotdogs, coleslaw or potato salad, a roll, dessert and a drink will be served for $7. The supper will start at 5pm (right after the 4pm service) and run until 7pm. Take out’s will be available and all are welcome!


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY”:  Happy Birthday to our following special friends with a birthday this month:

May 5~ Lacey Jandreau

May 6~ Joshua McGillicuddy

May 8 ~ Doug Cronkite

May 11~ Lucas Ramsey

May 12~ Josh Kovach

               Damien Sullivan

May 15~ Matt Horton

                 Jazmine Bouchard

May 19~ Chelsea Ouellette

May 23~ Chad Giberson

May 31~ Daisy Grant


ATLC Facebook PagePlease like our NEW ATLC Facebook page!! This will help you to stay on top of what’s going on in with ATLC. Tell your friends and family to like it too! Our prior Facebook account is now inactive. Help to spread the word and stay connected with us!

Information for Teens (and parents) currently in our program…


Planning Committees:

There are four ATLC Planning Committees: Activities, Finance, Program, and Public Relations. With the exception of Finance, all Committees are complete for this year. Thank you to all of you that were on the Activities, Program, and Public Relations Committees! You were able to complete all of your tasks way ahead of schedule and you did your job extremely well! Thanks again!

If you are looking to sign up for a Committee for next year, you can! At ATLC, we want our teens to stay as involved as you can for as long as you can. Even if you aren’t attending this year’s summer camp as a staff member, you can still be involved in ATLC during the next school year! Contact Amber with the information below!


 Upcoming OUTINGS:

Tie-Dye Outing- All teens who have attended a previous summer camp are invited to come enjoy the last outing for this school year. It will be held on May 21st from 2-4pm in Fort Kent. Registrations have been mailed out and will need to be into Amber before May 12. Final letter will go out to all who are registered the week of May 15th.


County Wide Bottle Drive

There are Key People in various areas of the County that have been appointed to be to reach out to prior ATLC campers in their geographical area to form teams and plan/carry out a bottle drive to support ATLC before June 1st. If you are a prior camper and would like to help out or would like to donate your bottles, contact Amber and she will put you into contact with one of the following people in your area.  The date when the Bottle Drive is held, varies between all areas. Contact Amber for more information!

Fort Kent –Meg Boulay and Lily Brickman

Van Buren –Chelsea Ouellette and Brenton Soucy

St. Agatha/Frenchville –Emily Albert and Madysen Picard

Presque Isle – Abigail Michaud

Limestone –Karoline Dillenbeck

Houlton – Nolan Jacobs

Hodgdon –Autumn Ganzel

Easton- Katelyn White and Shelliese Mullen

Mars Hill- Aly Tilley


Contact information:

Amber Stedt, ATLC Program Coordinator

Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp

Phone: 207-498-6431 ext. 156

Fax: 207-492-3181


Mailing Address:   ATLC
PO Box 1018

Caribou, ME 04736