What is ATLC?

What is ATLC?

Here’s the technical aspect of ATLC…

The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program is a leadership development and drug prevention program focusing on Aroostook County students in grades 5-9. There are two program components: a five-day residential summer camp in late July, and a variety of follow-up programs and activities that are offered during the school year. The summer camp program provides leadership skills, drug awareness information, team-building, and coping skills development. The follow-up activities during the school year provide teens with the opportunity to continue developing and strengthening leadership skills while participating in a network of Aroostook County teens interested in living drug-free. Teens are encouraged to stay involved in the program for as long as they can/ want long after they have attended as campers. This program is open to ANY teen!

Mission: The Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp (ATLC) program develops teen drug prevention leaders having the necessary knowledge, skills, training, and support to effectively work with other teens during a residential summer camp program and in follow-up activities during the school year.

Vision: Aroostook County will be ranked as the lowest county in Maine for substance use among students in grades 5-9, as measured by Maine’s Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS).

Core Beliefs: We believe that teens are effective substance abuse prevention leaders when given the necessary knowledge, tools, training, and support. We also believe teens listen and talk more to other teens than to adults.

Program Need: The 2008 Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey shows Aroostook County teens in grades 5-9 as having a drug use problem, with 15.3% reporting use by grade 6. By grade 9 alcohol use increased 20.8%, tobacco use 12.4%, and marijuana use 5.4%. Early drug/alcohol use increases risk of mental health problems, drug/alcohol dependence, eduacational underachievement, physical health problems, and social difficulties during later adolescence and early adulthood.

Program Goals:

to prevent or delay early use of alcohol and other illegal drugs by Aroostook County teens;

to increase favorable teen attitudes about not using alcohol and other illegal drugs;

to develop teen drug prevention leaders; and

to provide a teen support network for a drug-free lifestyle.


ATLC’s 2017 summer program will be taking place at Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle from July 23-27, 2017.  Registrations will be  given to every student currently in 6th- 8th grade in the following public schools after February 17th: Ashland, Caribou, Caswell, Central Aroostook, Dr. Levesque, Easton Jr./ Sr. High School, Easton Elementary,  Fort Fairfield, Fort Kent Elementary, Houlton, Limestone, Madawaska Elementary, Madawaska Middle/High, Mill Pond, Hodgdon, New Sweden, Presque Isle, Southern Aroostook, Valley Rivers, Van Buren, Washburn, and Woodland.

If you are in 6th-8th grade and not from these schools, you can also attend camp! Either contact Amber with the contact information below, or print the following links below:
Registration Letter 
ATLC General-Dorm Guidelines
ATLC-2017 Menu
Registration Form

 We hope we see you at camp in July! 🙂

Stew Night!!- ATLC will be hosting its annual Stew Night on Feb. 17 at the Presque Isle Snowmobile Club. Stews/Soups, and grilled cheese are just a few items that will be served. It costs $6 a person and take-out containers will be available. Please bring your family and friends!!!


Camp 2016 DVDs- These gems are ready to go! By sending in your $15, you could have yours mailed to you too! See contact information for mailing address. All checks made payable to ATLC.


Spring Raffle and Trade Shows

Our Spring Raffle Fundraiser has started and we are selling tickets for a Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System and a GoPro Hero 5 camera. Tickets are 1 ticket for $5 or 3 tickets for $10! If you would like to help sell tickets or are interested in buying some, please contact Amber. We also need teens to sign up in order to help at the upcoming trade shows.

  • March 25 (9am-5pm) and March 26 (9am-4pm) Sportsman’s Show @ UMPI

  • April 8 (9am-5pm) and April 9 (10-4) Trash and Treasure Show @ The Forum in Presque Isle

  • April 22 (9am-8pm) and April 23 (10am-4pm) Top O’ Maine Trade Show in Madawaska

We will have each show split up into shorter shifts. If you could donate about 3 hours of your time to help sell tickets, we’d REALLY appreciate it! ATLC could REALLY benefit from your time! CONTACT AMBER!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY”:  Happy Birthday to our following special friends with a birthday during February :

Feb. 2- Jordan DeLong

Feb. 13 – Sedona Lucas

Feb. 15- Lauren McGillicuddy

Feb. 17- Cody Martin

Feb. 23- Lizz Boyett

Feb. 24- Alexis Tardie


ATLC Facebook PagePlease like our NEW ATLC Facebook page!! This will help you to stay on top of what’s going on in with ATLC. Tell your friends and family to like it too! Our prior Facebook account is now inactive. Help to spread the word and stay connected with us!

Information for Teens (and parents) currently in our program…

School Presentation Teams

On January 22nd, a group of previous campers attended training about ATLC. Those in attendance will connect with their ATLC school contacts in the next couple of weeks so they can present to 6-8th grade students in their schools and make them aware of our program. The presentation consists of their personal experience at ATLC (what they liked about it/how it helped them through the school year so far, etc.). Next, teams will run a Team Building activity with some of the students who will be attending the presentation (10 minutes). Following this, Students will show an ATLC Video (10 Minutes). The Presentation will end with a Question and Answer session (5 minutes). These presentations will all be done prior to Feb. 17th before students receive their summer camp registrations. Good Luck School Presentation Teams- you will all do great!


Student Staff Applications:

Interested in being a student staff at ATLC-2017? Any teen who completed an ATLC summer camp program and has not graduated from high school can apply. Email Amber a request for an application any time after Dec. 27th.  Applications are also available in the Student Staff Application tab above. Once you’ve received an application, it must be filled out completely and sent into Amber NO LATER than February 1st. Must be emailed or postmarked by the 1st to be considered!  If you have already been Student Staff one year, you may apply again. Remember, you can only be a Student Staff for two years. Please do not wait until the last minute! Each application needs to be accompanied by 3 letters of recommendation (refer to your application for details on who can write these letters).  This means you need to give the people you are asking to write your letters of recommendation enough time to write them for you. Thank you!



There are four ATLC Planning Committees: Activities, Finance, Program, and Public Relations.  This month, PR (1-2:30pm) and Finance (4-5:30pm) Committees are meeting on February, 12th at One Vaughn Place in Caribou. Don’t forget to check the ATLC website (www.atlc-camp.org) for cancellations in case of yucky weather. It will be posted no later than 9am that morning.

Camper Survey and Reunion Survey :

Before ATLC 2016 campers attended summer camp this year, they agreed to fill out Camper surveys  4 times a year so we can confidentially see how all of the campers do throughout the year as far as staying away from drugs and alcohol and what their attitudes are about using, if their peers use, etc. All teens filling out surveys are anonymous as we track the group as a whole.
At reunion held on November 19th, all campers who attended completed the 3rd of 4 camper surveys. Those not present, were mailed a camper survey as well as a “Reunion Attendance Survey” (to help us understand why those missing could not attend). It is really important that we get both the Camper Survey and  the Reunion Attendance Survey back from those who missed the Reunion, ASAP! We use this data to measure how effective  our program is and if there is anything we need to put more focus into. We can’t effectively do this without the ATLC 2016 camper’s assistance. Please, be sure to mail your surveys! Thank you so much!

 Upcoming OUTINGS:

March’s Outing will be a Winter Fun Day which includes volunteering at the Homeless Services of Aroostook in Presque Isle on March 4th at 1pm.  ATLC members will be taking on tasks such as preparing supper for people in need, working in the food pantry, and creating artwork to make the “Children’s room” warm and “kid” friendly. We will know exact jobs when we get there. Following this, we will go sledding at UMPI. There will be enough drivers to transport people from the Homeless Shelter to UMPI. We will have hot chocolate and goodies available! Please bring your own sled and warm clothes! Registrations were mailed out but can also be found here: Winter Fun Day 2017 Registration Letter

Please make sure they are returned before February 22nd. Thank You!


Contact information:

Amber Stedt, ATLC Program Coordinator

Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp

Phone: 207-498-6431 ext. 156

Fax: 207-492-3181

Email: astedt@amhc.org

Mailing Address:   ATLC
PO Box 1018

Caribou, ME 04736